Zackees Turn Signal Gloves!

Always Visible!
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As there are so many guys who love outgoing with our bicycles. But at the time when the light was going down through a problem of visibility from other drivers present on the roads, which leads to the accidents sometimes. When cycling, they normally rely on their arms to safely signal an upcoming turn, but most of the times drivers don´t pay attention to cyclists or just don’t know what the signals mean. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves leave no doubt as to your intentions when on your bicycle, informing drivers of your intent to turn via powerful LEDs built right into the tops of both gloves which used as hand signals for turning. To use them, just bring the contact points on the index finger and thumb together to activate a flashing arrow light. An ambient light sensor boosts the brightness during daytime use, and thanks to an automatic on/off feature, you can get months of use before it’s time to replace or recharge.

Bikes and skateboards typically don’t have lights to show that you are going to slow or turning your lane, and this can be dangerous for both the drivers. This hand signals for turning can be used there to make it obvious that you are about to change direction, letting drivers know that they need to be cautious of their speed.


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