XOO : The World’s First Smartphone Charging Belt.

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A Belt which can be used as powerbank to your devices : XOO Belt by Nifty

This belt charges your smartphone anywhere and retains your trousers up simultaneously!

A wise belt that fees your mobile phone, at any time and anyplace. Sensible,
classy & mighty. The Xoo Belt premiums your cellphone even though Retaining your
trousers up.


The first wearable, rebuilt for modern existence



This belt is the only straightforward Resolution for your day to day
difficulty of charging of your gadgets and the carrying difficulty of the
pawer-bank coupled with you just about everywhere, no new gadget to lug around but
a thing we dress in every day anyway, redesigned with the assistance of some
intelligent new engineering.

XOO appears equivalent and weighs also
smilar like a standard belt but includes a 21,00 mAh of concealed power
inside of it, and can cost a tool virtually.

manufactured by using a new breed of Lithium Ceramic Polymer versatile
battery and it’s also ultra Protected, climate-resistant and prepared to get
a beating. No additional require for tension about carrying further ability financial institution and
the slungy wires with you, it could possibly do this perform.

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How it really works:

Charging created very simple



The charging wire is magnetically and almost invisible nestles against the inside of the belt when you are not using it, just simply flick down and plug the wire in your device and carry on about your day. When the charging will be completed flick back.

smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegiPOCKET-CHARGING // You keep your phone in your pocket so that’s where we charge it.

smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegiTOP-UP-AS-YOU-GO // Power-up in the background as you go about your day.

WHEREVER, WHENEVER // Office, bar, train or half way up a mountain. If you’re wearing trousers it’s there when you want it.

smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegiNOTHING TO SHOUT ABOUT // No complicated set-up or strange bulges. Just a simple wire that hides away.

4 Steps And Off You Go

smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegi smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegi smart-gadget-powerbank-technology-techsparadise-rohit-kulegi

The Battery

Flexible, Mighty, Invisible


It has hidden 6 overlapping layers of reducing-edge adaptable battery
in Each individual belt to provide a foundation energy of 1,300mAh of charge. Add this to
the 800mAh in Each individual buckle—for a complete of 2,100mAh—therefore you’ve sufficient to
fully charge an apple iphone 6 with some left more than.It quickly performs with iOS,
Android and Windows gadgets.

YOU WON’T KNOW IT’S THERE // The battery is expertly sandwiched between the belt leather at manufacture. Completely invisible.

SAFETY FIRST // Made of Lithium Ceramic Polymer our batteries are non-reactive: poke them, cut them or drop them and you’ll still be safe.

NO HANGING AROUND // Transfers its full charge in around 3 hours. Another 3 hours to recharge.

UNIVERSAL CHARGING // Ships with a low-profile microUSB-to-USB charging cable, suitable for most devices. Add a Lightning adaptor for all your iOS needs.


The Belt

A Wearable You’ll Actually Want To Wear


ONLY THE BEST MATERIALS // We’ve chosen full-grain tanned leather to create a premium belt that’s hard-wearing enough for everyday life.

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN // We’re working with experienced designers on every aspect of the belt’s appearance.

MULTIPLE SIZES // Shipping in small (28–34″), medium (32–38″), large (36–42″) and extra-large (40–46″).

SWAPPABLE BUCKLES // Personalise your look by swapping between buckles.

We know that some people will have specific needs for materials and sizes that we haven’t yet covered. To that end we’ve set up mailing lists to estimate demand for larger sizes and vegan materials. 

The Buckle

Better Than ‘Good Enough’


Each buckle of XOO contains 2 charging points for charging—along with 2 x 400mAh lithium-ion batteries. They opted to use a ratchet mechanism to better secure your belt along with zinc buckles for solid wear and a beautiful finish, so that eveyone can easily use it.

POLISHED ZINC // We tried many materials; we chose zinc for its resilience and quality finish.

A PERFECT FIT, EVERY TIME // Unlike traditional pin-to-hole belts, our ratchet allows 1/4″ adjustments for the snuggest fit.

HOLD TO RELEASE // We’ve included a quick release mechanism to smoothly de-belt.

KNOW WHERE YOU STAND // Five LEDs hidden on the upper side of the buckle show you how much battery you have remaining.

Once the XOO Belt (pronounced ‘zoo belt’) was tightened, it was time to charge any gadget of the owner. It has a short MicroUSB lead attached to the buckle was loosely tucked against your waist on the prototype but it will be more neatly attached to the back of the belt using a magnet in the production version.

Source : indiegogo.com





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