Aton-Impulse VIKING-2992 : Amphibious Vehicle, goes anywhere.

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Terrain which matches any land, h2o, snow, and so on.

Meet up with
the brilliant amphibious Russian offroad motor vehicle Aton-Impulse
Viking-2992, this multipurpose vehicle can take care of any terrain and there
is simply no halting it!

The VIKING is the one amphibious off-highway
motor vehicle on the globe to possess passed by way of certification to satisfy
UN/ECE laws for unrestricted ON-ROAD USE.

Next on the
merchandise line of your floating autos is Viking 2992. This automobile was
established as The solution to Trekol, and that is by its mother nature Primarily the
utility offroad motor vehicle. Viking 2992 is Then again designed being a
passenger car for circumstance of nuclear war, or One more apocalyptic
state of affairs, when routes or streets do not exist anymore.



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As such, it’s not a speedster. Targeted as an emergency rescue vehicle and heavy industrial getabout, the Viking only goes about 60 km/h (37mph) on the road, and some 15 km/h (9.3 mph) on the water. On the upside, it makes a decent 16 mpg (14.7 L/100km) on the road.

As sluggish and steady off-roader, it’s capable of negotiating a
38-degree slope, and its chunky form and small Heart of mass give it forty two
degrees of sideways tilt prior to you have to commence worrying about tipping

The Viking rides on huge balloon tires, and the motive force can
adjust tire pressures at any time in the cabin. Likewise, the
suspension is pneumatically adjustable to provide you with 10 inches (twenty five cm)
extra ground clearance when you have to have it. Aton-Impulse factors out that
reduce tire pressures and bigger Get in touch with patches decrease ground strain
and environmental injury.

What about wallet damage? The Viking
2992 goes for US$200,000 in stock type, or you could choice it up more than
$350,000 as a twelve-seat 6-wheeler with a self-propelled trailer about the

Aton-Impulse has developed 20 of those beasts to date, in accordance
to CEO Arthur Touktarov, which is tooling as much as manufacture 500 a 12 months
inside the subsequent five years.


Loves to customize your car/ check that amazing headlights.


Viking is not simply the imply of transportation. Car cabin with
centrally located driver’s seat is built to be simple as much as
doable. Viking could become cellular Regulate place, lab, cottage, or
multimedia Heart. Should the list of optional equipment you will find
turbocharged motor, hifi stereo, 6 pace gearbox along with other luxury

When you languish for that car, that can survive the
conclusion of the globe, and which is not in selection of every pop singer or
oil baron, check with us with regards to the Viking 2992.



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