Vikaura Screen: Use your smartphone to customize your world.

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July 14, 2016
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Vikaura Screen: Use your smartphone to customize your world.


Vikaura lets you, friends & family drive images and information out of your phone and into your world – No wires, Thousands of updates.


Vikaura is a relatively new and unknown E-ink partner which is trying to bring a line of smartphone enabled digital picture frames to market. Similar to the InkCase Plus from Oaxis, a Vikaura screen will pair with your smartphone over Bluetooth and you will be able to send images and text to it.


According to the KS campaign, you can:

  • Drive content directly from your phone to your Vikaura Screen.  Have a to-do list, note for the kids, shopping list?  Drive it to a Vikaura Screen. Visible, tangible, efficient.  Found a cool image?  Drive it out of your phone and onto your wall!  Like a recipe?  Why squint and waste your phone or tablet battery?  Vikaura will display it for you and turn back to whatever you like when you’re done.
  • Subscribe to feeds that can automatically push information to your Vikaura Screens – news feeds, weather for the day, daily calendar.  Have them already displayed by the front door or on the nightstand when you wake up.
  • Create a network of friends (app-linking) whereby you give permission to them to drive content to your screens.

I don’t know about you, but I like the subscribe option the most. That is something I would likely use on a regular basis.


If the campaign gets fully funded on Kickstarter, the frames will be available in a variety of sizes ranging from a pocketable 4″ to 6″ and larger 9.7″ screen.

I thought this was a nifty idea when I discovered it buried in the back of the E-ink booth at CES, but between one thing and another I didn’t write about it. No one else seemed interested, not even E-ink, and I figured without any publicity it had no chance. In retrospect, I think I erred.

The campaign has only been covered by Techdirt (it was also picked up by the Backer Club) and it has already raised nearly $20 thousand of the $125,000 goal. That’s not nearly enough but it is far more than I was expecting.

Pledges start at $5, and go up from there. The 4″ unit costs $99, and if you put in $129 you can get a 6″ unit. You can also put down $199 and get the 9.7″ unit,or you can even contribute more and get a bundle of screens.

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And for the princely sum of $1,000 Vikuara will also throw in an API so you can program your own features. I think that’s steep, but there are already 3 backers at that level (there’s also a backer who has gone for the $4,000 distributor pack).

Vikaura – A Revolution in Image Display

Vikaura screens enable users, for the first time, to drive information, data, ideas, and images – all the things that matter to them – out of their phones and into their worlds. Using cutting edge E Ink displays, power management, and communications protocols, leveraged with a (patented) first-of-its-kind “app linking” software package, Vikaura screens let users

No Wires – EVER

No Wires - EVER

Vikaura’s unique design allows operation without wires while allowing years of battery life and thousands of screen updates. With Vikaura, you have complete freedom of placement without worrying about where to plug-in or when to recharge!

  • Completely wireless – NEVER needs plugging in or recharged.
  • Runs for years or thousands of updates before needing a battery change due to unique power management technology.
  • With no cords to think about, you have total freedom of placement. Vikaura screens go where you need them.

User, Friend, or Automatic Screen Updates


Vikaura connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. An easy to use app allows you to interact with all of your Vikaura screens to send photos, text, and more. A unique software package permits multiple ways to interface with your Vikaura Screen.

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  • Direct Link – permits direct linking from your smartphone to one or more Vikaura Screens.
  • App Linking – permits you to enable other users to send images and texts through your smartphone and onto your Vikaura Screens.
  • Feeds Feature – permits you to chose content (weather, news feeds, etc) that is sent to your Vikaura Screen at the time of your choosing.
  • Open API – permits you to write your own app for the Vikaura Screen enabling constant innovation.
User, Friend, or Automatic Screen Updates

escape the confines of their smartphones, and begin to customize their surroundings.

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