COMET : World’s First Floating Smartphone.

Smartphones become an integral part of our daily life and now a date most of the people becomes an addict of their smartphones and that the reason of carrying their smartphones everywhere where they go even in bathrooms too. And sometimes our smartphones will fall from our hands in water and because of their weights they sink, and we all are unable to find them. But if I told you that there is an amazing smartphone in the market that floats in every kind of fluid. It will be great to everyone now they carry their smartphones in pools too.

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Technology is coming daily with a new face to us. In the present entire world
, we love our smartphones as an alternative to anything at all in our lifestyle, and we
utilize it everywhere inside our lifestyle. We rely on them at our bathrooms way too but lots of
of smartphone manufacturers are supplying water-proof facility.

But many
time this facility is just not so practical when our smartphones sink in pools
or in depth an we aren’t come across our smartphone very easily. That dilemma is
not so additional, There may be a wonderful cell phone comes on the market which FLOATS
on water surface area. It can be COMET.


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Introducing Comet,
the earth’s initial super smartphone that floats in water. Comet is really an
Android run super smartphone with the most up-to-date technologies, significant pace
processor, and elegant structure.

What is the reason behind Airplane Mode during flights.

, you will never shed your smartphone or info saved in it simply
because you dropped it in water. Stay The instant, love the beauty of
drinking water with no stress of losing your smartphone in water.

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