Some Google Tricks which blows up your Mind.

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September 20, 2016
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Some Google Tricks which blows up your Mind.

Google's 18th Birthday-techsparadise

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Google is the most used Search Engine worldwide. And as today is Google’s 18th birthday. And we use google for so many things and it makes our life so easy because without it I think our life will become so difficult for finding any information. But there are Some Hidden Tricks in Google which you can see by typing some keywords in Google Search.


If you type this keyword in google search than there is a game will be started in which some zeroes of red and orange color comes and will start to eat the all around content.You have to destroy the zeroes before they eat the content and you losses the game.




If you type this keyword in Google search and Click on images than a game will start which looks same as the childhood game “HoneyComb”.

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When you write this keyword in Google Search than an entertainment program appears. It slightly tilts your screen after typing askew. And there are other fun tricks on the page also.



Google Gravity shows you how Gravity works on Google? When you type this keyword and open first link you will reach to a google page where if you move Cursor,Everything will fall down in screen and you can these things anywhere on screen.

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This one is also fun trick for fun. By writing these keywords, your Google Screen will revolve across the center of Screen.



By typing these keywords and click on first link,the menues of google will be starting revolve around the Google Search Box in a orbit like our solar system .You can click on any link during revolving of the options.

You can try all these tricks by clicking on their names.


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