Racing thrill but its an Lightning Electric Motorcycle : BRAMMO

A Lightning  Electric Motorcycles, that can beat any fuel injected motorcycle.

By reading the title you should understand this post is about an electric bike, we don’t call it only electric bike just, it is a lightning electric bike, yes there is a bike that can beat racing bikes i.e. MOTO GP bikes. It’s manufactured by a company BRAMMO. But as we all knows electric automobiles don’t travel so much distance and they are not too fast as well but this company makes all these things reality. Its bike Victory EMPLUSE has a top speed of more than 100 mph and travel distance is also more than 100 miles on a single charge.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

Brammo has since retooled the production Empulse with components developed by its TTXGP title-winning race program. A more potent liquid-cooled motor is mated to Brammo’s latest proprietary lithium-ion batteries, which store 9 kWh power. The bike also features a novel six-speed transmission.

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The powertrain of this lightning electric Empulse has a liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Brammo developed the motor with Parker, guy who provides the powerplant for its TTXGP-title-winning Empulse RR. It also has a water jacket surrounds the motor housing, routed to a compact radiator, which allows the new Brammo to deliver far more palatable street performance than the air-cooled Enertia. Power claims for the Empulse are 54 peak horsepower at 8200 rpm and 46.5 lb-ft of torque (the Empulse RR racebike, by the way, cranks out 170 hp).


Specifications :


Lightning fast throttle: It is a street legal electric race motorcycle. It has an acceleration up to 100MPH+ and the battery fully charges in as little as 3.9 hours. Where it matters most, the Empulse TT is fast. It is 10,400-watt hours of proof that Victory doesn’t just prove performance, we advance technology.

Battery: This is the fastest charging battery on the market. Full charge in 3.9 hours, and it comes with a 5-year 100,000-mile warranty.

Powertrain: Liquid cooled, permanent magnet, AC electric motor with regenerative braking and instant torque delivery. Rider selectable sports mode delivers 20% more power.

Adjustable suspension: Tune the inverted 43mm front forks and the rear suspension to your riding style.

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Cast Aluminum Wheels: The performance wheels don’t sacrifice style. The look sharp and ride tight.

Brakes: When you let off the throttle, the motor still moves, the wheels still turn, and the energy in the drivetrain is transferred back into the battery system.The dual disc Brembo® brakes go from 30-0 MPH in 45 feet for total control.


What is Brammo:



Brammo, Inc. is an American based company which is known as a producer of electric traction motors and traction batteries based in Ashland, Oregon, United States. Basically, Brammo marketed its motorcycles via the company’s website. You can purchase their motorcycles from their motorcycles dealers throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. On January 15, 2015, Polaris Industries announced that it had purchased the entire electric motorcycle business from Brammo. Production of an electric motorcycle, the rebadged Victory Empulse, commenced at Polaris’ factory in Spirit Lake, IA during the second half of 2015.



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