HOVERBOARD : Ride the experience of skateboard and Hoverboard

We all love the upcoming new gadgets by which our life becomes easy in many ways and as the time going new techs are invented daily and coming to the market for making our lives more comfortable and we all stick to some of them because of their features and one of them is HOVERBOARDS. These are known as self-balancing boards which have wheels by which we travel the distances, there are so many hoverboards are present in the market and their features are almost same but there is also an amazing hoverboard is also present which gives two different things feel in one i.e Skateboard and Hoverboard.

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Credits : hoverboard.com

It has only one wheel by which it balances and the reason of making only single wheel is reducing friction and change the experience of standard hoverboards. Inside precision sensors and electronics smooth and stabilize your ride and gently accelerating in which direction you want. If you slightly bend in front it accelerates the board and leans gently to one side to turn your direction. If you want to stop you can set the board downside to turning down the motor, and the top speed of board is 20mph and the range of the board 15 miles. It also has built-in Bluetooth speakers by which you connect with your smartphone which you perfect soundtrack so that you can enjoy your ride.

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Credits : hoverboard.com



icon-range  Range


icon-speed  Speed


icon-weight  Weight


icon-charge  Charge




DJ your own Hoverboard adventure and hear articulate status and warnings

Digital Charge Meter

Know when you’re low on the flow by simply glancing down.

Ground Contacting Sonar

Proactively reacts to bumps or changes in slope for a more stable ride.

Power Output

Yes, You can charge your phone and even charge another Hoverboard from yours.

The battery life and premium hardware make it extremely heavy — about 20 to 25 pounds. It’s very tough to carry by hand and won’t fit in backpacks. The cost is also seriously prohibitive. Unless you’re some wealthy extreme sports nut or want to spoil your kids, I’m not sure who will buy it.

That was never really the point, though. Robert Bigler invented this gyro skate After selling his robotic automation startup Animatics for a bunch of loot. He had dreamed of a hoverboard and was intent on birthing it into reality. He tells me that if the Kickstarter fails, he’ll just make a few dozen boards for friends and family, then calls it quits.







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