Ockel : Your mini Personal Computer of your Smartphone size.

Computers make our life so easy, and they are with us from many times, as the time going there are so many features added to our computers to make them more advanced. We all are using PCs and laptops for our many of our works but when it comes to traveling we prefer laptops because they are compact and easy to carry but sometimes we felt the size of laptops are also big and it is not possible to carry it with everywhere. It is 2016 and the size of many things is going to be very small but the laptop’s size doesn’t change too much except the thickness.

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An ultra small PC with a 6-inch touchscreen and battery for a full Windows 10 experience at any time.

It’s time to make some upgrade to our pcs and laptops, here is the upgraded version of the personal computer. Its OCKEL, a mini PC which is the size of our smartphones but can do all the things which a computer does.

The Ockel Sirius A is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but is just as powerful as a desktop PC. This unique ultra small machine is equipped with a full Windows 10 Home or Pro version, powerful hardware components, a 6-inch touchscreen, and battery. Are you passionate about true innovation, just like Ockel? Join the campaign, save up to 29% off the final retail price and be part of the mission of Ockel Computers to reinvent the PC.

A pocket PC, as portable and light as a smartphone, yet as powerful as a desktop PC

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Ockel is equipped with the most powerful Operating Systems of today’s world, Windows 10, convenient to use and beautifully designed. The super fast quad-core Intel processor ensures you enough power to use Sirius B for any task.

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Ockel’s features:

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This pocket PC can easily fit into your pocket or bag, with a size to latest APPLE and Samsung smartphones you hardly realize that you are carrying a complete computer with you. It has two different models one is Ockel Sirius B and other is Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry. You just need to connect an HDMI screen, the power adapter and optionally a mouse and/or keyboard and you are ready to go!

Credits : Indiegogo.com

Intel engines power our Pocket PCs. The Sirius B is equipped with an Intel Atom Z3735F processor. The more powerful Sirius B Black Cherry includes an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor.

Every Ockel Sirius A comes with 64GB of internal (eMMC) flash storage. The Sirius A Pro comes with 128GB of internal (eMMC) flash storage. Do you require more storage space? Easily extend storage with a Micro SD-card, or connect your own external hard disk using the USB Type-C port or one of the two USB 3.0 ports.

The Sirius A has an easy to reach Micro SD-card slot which supports Micro SD-cards up to 2TB. We have added perks that include both a Sirius A and a 128GB Micro SD-card.

If you want to purchase it you can go to the KICKSTARTER, Amazon or Ebay.



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