Energy problems, Just simply walk and you never run out of power.

AMPY : Creates energy with your every motion.

We all are using many gadgets and all runs on battery and many times their battery runs out of power when we needed them strongly, and then we need to recharge them again but sometimes we are not at a place to recharge them again. Then at that time we need a power bank which charges our gadgets. But the use of power banks had some limitations like the mess up with wires and their recharge.

That’s why AMPY was invented, it creates electricity and recharges an inbuilt battery, it creates energy by your motion. It doesn’t need a particular motion or a professional athlete to create energy. It creates from any type of motion.


AMPY MOVE: Power your devices from your motion.

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A wearable battery that transforms the energy from your motion into power for your devices.

Ampy converts kinetic energy from your motion to electric energy and stores it into a battery which later powers your smartphones and wearables. You can charge AMPY move from your motion or directly wall. And a fully powered up AMPY gives your smartphone up to 24 hours of more battery life.

It stores the energy you generate in the internal lithium ion battery. Simply plug in your smartphone or wearable device into the USB port to start charging. In a hurry? We engineered it to charge your devices just as fast as a wall outlet.

It’s internal battery stores about a week’s worth of physical activity and stays ready to use for months. You can also recharge it from a wall outlet if needed using the micro-USB port on top.

It fits right into your lifestyle. It’s accessory kit enables you to get creative with the way you move and capture more energy with AMPY. It comes with a sleeve, armband, and clip.


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The World’s First Wearable Motion Charger.


How it works:

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You can check the complete info about the gadget by your smartphone by an app, you can see how much energy you generate. It comes with a wearable kit, you can use as many ways. You can check the CNET article.

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Want to know how much power you’re generating? The AMPY smartphone app tracks:

  • The amount of energy you’ve generated
  • The number of calories you’ve burned
  • Your carbon footprint offset from charging with it
  • Compare your stats with other AMPY users, and share directly on Twitter and Facebook.

To get your info, simply enter a few settings and it’s app will calculate these statistics. In the future, AmPY will relay the information directly to your phone so you don’t have to enter anything in!

AMPY works without the app. Just wear AMPY and move. It will capture your energy and charge your electronics when you plug them in.

Walk, run, or cycle… The more you move, the more battery life you get.


You can purchase it from AMAZON or EBAY



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