How to enable/disable Mac Address Filtering.

In technical term the official define of Mac filtering (or GUI filtering, or layer 2 address filtering) refers to a security access control method whereby the 48-bit address assigned to each network card is used to determine access to the networ[p

In simple form, it is just a security feature which is present in all types of wifi routers which can use as for allowing or disallowing devices for the connection with the router by their Wifi mac addresses. Each device which has wifi feature has a simple wifi mac address which you can check just simply on your device info in settings. Normally , a router allows any device for connection by a simple password, but with MAC address filtering a router will compare a device’s MAC address against an approved list of MAC addresses and only allow a device onto the Wi-Fi network if its MAC address has been specifically approved.

Means the wifi MAC addresses which are saved in the router’s settings can use the internet with your router and those which MAC addresses are not saved cannot use your internet, the most important feature of this MAC filtering is if anyone who knows your wifi password cannot use your internet anymore because his/her device MAC address is not saved on router’s settings. You don’t need to change your password anymore. Just simply add your personal devices info in the router’s settings.


Every router’s setting very quiet some of the routers are dlink, netgear, iball etc.

  • Log in to your router’s settings and you can go to these settings by a simple address and you can see this on Router’s box. (mine was But for this, you need to connect your device to your wifi router first. If your device is not connected and you try this address you couldn’t do this.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • Now log in with your password, in starting its admin12345 for everyone, change this for more security.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • From here you go to Wireless Settings.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • Then go to MAC Filtering.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • First, enable the feature.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • And then save the MAC addresses of the devices. And click on add.
  • Then simply click on save.

Now only those devices whose address can use the internet.

How to disable: 

Just simply select disable option which you select on starting and then save it. This feature stops and now everyone uses the internet by just a simple password.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise



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