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Online favicon generator is always the best option when it comes to creating a favicon. A favicon (commonly known as Website icon, bookmark icon, or shortcut icon) is the little icon associated with a particular site or web page. Or simply it can be said, favicon icons is a little icon that Web browsers display next to a webpage’s title on a browser tab, or in the address bar just next to its URL. Some of the most well-known formats for favicons are .ico, .gif, .png, and .jpg.

I have applied multiple methods to create favicon (such as: create favicon in Photoshop, create favicon in HTML or PHP, create favicon from PNG or text, create favicon in CorelDraw, and create favicon in WordPress) and finally got an appropriate conclusion that creating attractive, stylish, animated favicon using online favicon generators are evermore better than creating favicon using free favicon creator software or favicon generator programs.

Top  Free Online Favicon Maker

Favicon creation can be the super easy task for you if you use the appropriate favicon generator to create favicon online. Below listed all online favicon generators are absolutely free to use and specially designed to create favicon quickly. Let’s know in details about these best free online favicon generator to create favicon:

Favicon & App Icon Generator

Favicon & App Icon Generator is a quick favicon generator program that helps you to convert your GIF, PNG or JPEG into a favicon.ico and app icons online in single. With this favicon generator, you can easily edit a favicon according to your need. If you want to quickly create a favicon and download the generated favicon then you must use favicon & app icon generator.


X-Icon Editor

It’s really an advanced online favicon generator and surely you will love to work with it. X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 web application that provides you the features to create high-resolution favicon and app icons. This icon generator tool enables various editing options that will attract you in your first sight. It’s my favorite online favicon generator application to create favicon and browser icon, you must try it.

X-Icon Editor-theexplode

Dynamic Drive – FavIcon Generator

Dynamic Drive – FavIcon Generator is a multifunctional online favicon generator that offers you the facility to create your favorites icon (favicon) to use on your web page. It supports only gif, jpg, png, and BMP fil formats. Addition to all these things, it also allows you to generates desktop icons within few simple click.

Dynamic Drive – FavIcon Generator-theexplode

Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator is also a very easy to use favicon creator tool that offers you the options to create a free favicon for both personal and commercial use. The website claims that they regularly update their favicon generator code in order to keep up with the new and updated HTML5, CSS and JavaScript techniques that make this favicon creator tool more effective.

Favicon Generator-theexplode


Genfavicon is another interesting and helpful online favicon generator that allows you to create a favicon in just three steps. Firstly, select and upload your image. Secondly, select the size and get the preview. Third, generate your favicon and use wherever you wish to use. It supports the most basic sizes for favicons that are16x16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.



Prodraw is a free online icon generator that is particularly designed to convert the image to .ICO file. With the help of this free online tool, you can easily convert logo, image and photo files into .ICO icon format. supports only JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIF file formats.



Real-world-designer is a totally style focused online icon maker that provide you the numerous options of creating your own icons in an online free editor. It has include some helpful editing menu like a pencil, lines, dropper, clear canvas that helps you to create favicon and app icons within seconds.


Favicon Generator & Gallery

Favicon generator & gallery is another simplest online favicon generator tool that helps you to generate your own favorites Icon for your blog, website, or web pages. It also offers you the option to view a gallery of some of the stylish icons that have been created using this effective online favicon generator.

Favicon Generator & Gallery-theexplode is also a well popular online favicon generator that allows you to create, download and use a favicon.ico icons into the address bar of Web browser. The best thing with this favicon creator, you can effortlessly create favicon by using images or by picking existing color and move only.

ICO Convert

ICO Convert is a quick free online icon maker and favicon generator that provide you the options of making icons from png or jpg images. Only you have to upload a photo which you want to convert in favicon then resize and crop it. It also allows you to select borders or shadows and convert to a shape you prefer.

ICO Convert-theexplode

These are the 10 best free online favicon makers to generate favicon very quickly and other top 30+ free online favicon creator are listed below:

Top 30+ Free Online Favicon Creator ↓

  • Iconifier – (
  • Favicon from Pics by HTML-Kit  – (
  • Favikon – (
  • Degraeve – (
  • Antifavicon – (
  • Faviconpro – (
  • Icongen – (
  • Iconj – (
  • Flaticons – (
  • Favicon Online Generator – (
  • Freefavicon – (
  • Icoconverter – (
  • Favic-o-matic – (
  • Convert-to-Ico – (
  • Online Icon Creator – (
  • Favico – (
  • Faviconit – (
  • Pic2icon – (
  • Faviconr – (
  • Toolson Icon Generator – (
  • Covertimage – (
  • Softicons – (
  • Faviconmedia – (
  • – (
  • Mobilefish – (
  • Ico2png – (
  • Faviconico – (
  • Generateit – (
  • Tee 2 – Free favicon Generator – (
  • Faviconvert – (
  • – (

We hope you found some really best free online favicon generator to create favicon and app icons. Feel free to share your view with us through comments. Your effort will be always appreciated here, so please let us know if you know another best free online favicon generator or favicon generator program to create the favicon.

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