This BLOG is basically made for the knowledge purpose for those guys who loves to know about latest GADGETS and latest TECHS available in the market and upcoming in the market.

As there are so many other websites are also available across web which provides information about gadgets but in my BLOG there are many more things other than gadgets also like SPORTS BIKES, SPORTS CAR and other stuffs.

Recently i make a post on a car which is the most exclusive car of the world and that post is getting so many positive responses.



I had a craze for collecting information about latest upcoming gadgets since childhood. But when i grown up as a boy i had an idea why shouldn’t I make a website for all that information. Thats how I started my work of making TECHSPARADISE.COM. As i told in starting there is only about gadgets info in my blog but later as my friends gave me suggestions why don’t you add some other amazing stuff on my blog, then i started adding info about SUPER CARSĀ  and other cool stuffs.


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