Racing thrill but its an Lightning Electric Motorcycle : BRAMMO

A Lightning  Electric Motorcycles, that can beat any fuel injected motorcycle.

By reading the title you should understand this post is about an electric bike, we don’t call it only electric bike just, it is a lightning electric bike, yes there is a bike that can beat racing bikes i.e. MOTO GP bikes. It’s manufactured by a company BRAMMO. But as we all knows electric automobiles don’t travel so much distance and they are not too fast as well but this company makes all these things reality. Its bike Victory EMPLUSE has a top speed of more than 100 mph and travel distance is also more than 100 miles on a single charge.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

Brammo has since retooled the production Empulse with components developed by its TTXGP title-winning race program. A more potent liquid-cooled motor is mated to Brammo’s latest proprietary lithium-ion batteries, which store 9 kWh power. The bike also features a novel six-speed transmission.

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The powertrain of this lightning electric Empulse has a liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motor. Brammo developed the motor with Parker, guy who provides the powerplant for its TTXGP-title-winning Empulse RR. It also has a water jacket surrounds the motor housing, routed to a compact radiator, which allows the new Brammo to deliver far more palatable street performance than the air-cooled Enertia. Power claims for the Empulse are 54 peak horsepower at 8200 rpm and 46.5 lb-ft of torque (the Empulse RR racebike, by the way, cranks out 170 hp).


Specifications :


Lightning fast throttle: It is a street legal electric race motorcycle. It has an acceleration up to 100MPH+ and the battery fully charges in as little as 3.9 hours. Where it matters most, the Empulse TT is fast. It is 10,400-watt hours of proof that Victory doesn’t just prove performance, we advance technology.

Battery: This is the fastest charging battery on the market. Full charge in 3.9 hours, and it comes with a 5-year 100,000-mile warranty.

Powertrain: Liquid cooled, permanent magnet, AC electric motor with regenerative braking and instant torque delivery. Rider selectable sports mode delivers 20% more power.

Adjustable suspension: Tune the inverted 43mm front forks and the rear suspension to your riding style.

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Cast Aluminum Wheels: The performance wheels don’t sacrifice style. The look sharp and ride tight.

Brakes: When you let off the throttle, the motor still moves, the wheels still turn, and the energy in the drivetrain is transferred back into the battery system.The dual disc Brembo® brakes go from 30-0 MPH in 45 feet for total control.


What is Brammo:



Brammo, Inc. is an American based company which is known as a producer of electric traction motors and traction batteries based in Ashland, Oregon, United States. Basically, Brammo marketed its motorcycles via the company’s website. You can purchase their motorcycles from their motorcycles dealers throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. On January 15, 2015, Polaris Industries announced that it had purchased the entire electric motorcycle business from Brammo. Production of an electric motorcycle, the rebadged Victory Empulse, commenced at Polaris’ factory in Spirit Lake, IA during the second half of 2015.



An Insane ROCKET Powered Car.

Cars, we all use them for our accommodation and they became the basic need for every house or family. There are so many types of cars available in the market some are just for normal use, some are for luxury, some are for heavyweight and for more space. Their use is limitless but there is something very different from all these, because when it comes to speed no other can beat this one. Now let’s start the topic. Here is the Rocket Car.

Within our earth There may be an awesome business is present who invents the car
that has rocket as engine Which firm breaks his very own record.
First of all, they can make an automobile which has two engines of a plane but then they
opt to upgrade that model and now They’re engaged on the Rocket Engine vehicle.

The name of that vehicle was


Bloodhound SSC.

bloodhound ssc-techsparadise

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Bloodhound SSC (rocket car) is often a British supersonic
land car or truck presently in advancement. Its target would be to match or exceed
one,000 miles for every hour (one,609 km/h) reaching a completely new planet land pace
record. The rocket-shaped car, powered by a jet engine as well as a rocket engine
is meant to attain 1,050 miles for every hour (1,690 km/h). The reason of
generating that car is breaking the land velocity record by 33%, the most important
ever margin.

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tests of approximately 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) is scheduled to get
the area in early 2016. Bloodhound SSC will then be tested around the Hakskeen
Pan while in the Mier place with the Northern Cape, South Africa whereby a observe twelve
miles (19 km) very long, 2 miles (3.two km) east has been cleared.

In July 2016, it was noted that Andy Green will make an effort to crack his very own Globe Land Speed Document with Bloodhound in Oct 2017.


SSC is close to 13.4m very long and weighs 7.5 tons. The look was a
combination of a vehicle and aircraft technologies, Along with the front area getting a
carbon fiber monocoque (similar to a racing car) along with the back portion remaining a
metallic framework and panels (like an aircraft). The 2 front wheels sit within the overall body and two rear wheels are mounted externally in wheel fairings.

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Want to see how that car breaks his own record? The old model of that car is named as THRUST SSC.

thrust ssc-techsparadise-rocket car











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MTT Y2k : A Motor Cycle having engine of a CHOPPER.

Motorcycles, two wheelers, their rides are different from four-wheelers, and their speed is also fast then our four wheelers. One of the most important features of these vehicles, size, yes when it comes to overcoming from heavy jam they are so useful. You must hear about so many other motorcycles, some have speed, size, looks and so more. But their also a bike in this world which has an engine of a Chopper (helicopter), yes its helicopter. have a look.

A motorcycle that has a motor of the helicopter 250-collection fuel turbine engine, commonly found in, erm, helicopters.


is not merely the 1st turbine-powered Road authorized bike, but additionally
the strongest creation bicycle current on the globe: the MTT Y2K


It can be to start with era of Y2K’s ended up driven by a Rolls
Royce-Allison fuel turbine engine.  The facility coach was demonstrated at
more than 320 HP and 425 ft/lbs of torque to the Dyne Jet 200 and has long been
clocked in a record breaking 227 MPH


Credits :


MTT’s Y2K bike contains a document in Guinness World Data as one of the most
costly creation bike ever to go on sale and in a 2nd award
it had been designated because of the strongest output bike. That
bikes are fabricated from stable billets and you will find hardly any vendor
things we call for. If you want the final word Big Boy Toy appear no more.

MTT’s later styles have every one of the conventional features of earlier versions,
but with a larger swing arm, Pirelli Diablo 240 rear tire, elevated
fuel capacity and an Improved cooling process.  This new era is
Geared up having a 420 HP turbine with close to five hundred ft/lbs of torque.

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Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which any type of automobile (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line for a small distance. The race follows a short, straight course from a standing start over a measured distance, most commonly ¼ mile (1,320 ft (402 m)), with a shorter 3/16 mile 10 feet (1,000 ft (305 m)) used by nitromethane powered Top Fuel dragsters and funny cars along with some bracket races, while 660 ft (201 m) (1/8 mi) is also popular in some circles. Electronic timing and speed sensing systems have been used to record race results since the 1960s.



People today do drag racing of bikes and cars and trucks along with other cars as a type
of street racing lawfully and illegally being an organized and controlled
motorsport. This post covers the legal Activity.

Loves SPEED? Here is the world’s fastest bike.

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Types of drag racing are :


Top rated Fuel

Amongst the quickest-accelerating machines on the globe, ten,000-horsepower
Top rated Gasoline dragsters in many cases are known as the “kings from the Activity,”
and with fantastic cause. They’re effective at covering the dragstrip in considerably less
than 3.7 seconds at more than 330 mph. Powered by a supercharged and
gas-injected 500cubic-inch adaptation in the famed Chrysler Hemi
engine, Best Fuel dragsters can burn up to fifteen gallons of nitromethane
gasoline all through just one run. Produced of chromoly metal tubing and
carbon-fiber composite, Major Gasoline autos are 25 ft prolonged and weigh two,330
pounds in race-Completely ready trim.

Funny Car

Comparable to their Leading Fuel counterparts but by using a shorter wheelbase and
a carbon-fiber system that loosely resembles a manufacturing-primarily based
automobile, Funny Vehicles can operate during the 3.8-2nd selection and so are capable
of speeds in surplus of 330 mph. Humorous Automobiles are run by the same
supercharged and gasoline-injected five hundred-inch engines as Top Gasoline dragsters.
Amusing Automobiles are also just like Top Gasoline dragsters in that they don’t
use a transmission but fairly transmit electric power to the huge Goodyear rear
slicks by way of a multistage clutch assembly that is activated by timers.

Pro Stock

Typically known as “manufacturing unit hot rods” as a result of their resemblance to
output-dependent vehicles, Professional Inventory autos are a few of the most
technologically Superior machines in drag racing. Developed all-around a
complex tube chassis and four-backlink rear suspension, Pro Inventory cars
will have to conform to exact measurements and weigh no under 2,350
pounds. Pro Inventory engines use electronic gas injection and spec
gasoline and are limited to the maximum of five hundred cubic inches. They will
make in surplus of one,300 horsepower. A competitive Professional Stock auto can run
during the 6.4s at greater than 215 mph.

Pro Stock Motorcycle

These remarkably modified automobiles, which might run below 6.8 seconds at extra
than 195 mph, attribute a reason-crafted tube chassis and a light-weight,
aerodynamically Improved replica of first bodywork. The category
capabilities lots of would make, models, and engines, together with V-Twin
entries from Harley-Davidson, Victory, EBR, and Buell and inline
four-cylinder-equipped Suzuki and Kawasaki products. Engine measurements vary
commonly, ranging from ninety two to a hundred and sixty cubic inches. Gasoline injection is
permitted, and spec gasoline is the sole gas authorized.

Top Alcohol Dragster

Top Alcoholic beverages Dragsters may seem like Top rated Fuelers, but they have
significant distinctions. Whilst Top Fuelers use supercharged,
nitro-burning engines, Top rated Alcoholic beverages Dragsters may possibly make use of a supercharged
methanol-burning engine or an injected nitromethane mixture. The
injected nitro autos don’t utilize a transmission, along with the supercharged autos
have 3 ahead speeds. Weights change In keeping with blend but
are generally involving one,975 and a pair of,125 pounds. Like Leading Fuelers, Top rated
Alcohol Dragsters are limited into a greatest wheelbase of 300 inches.
Performances could be during the five.1s at much more than 285 mph.

Top Alcohol Funny Car

Equivalent in Bodily visual appeal for their nitro-burning Humorous Motor vehicle
counterparts, Top rated Liquor Funny Automobiles are restricted to using
methanol fuel and also have A 3-pace transmission. Top rated Liquor Humorous
Autos feature in essence exactly the same chromoly metal chassis given that the nitro vehicles
and so are fitted with the exact same carbon-fiber replica bodies, while the
Leading Liquor Amusing Car or truck bodies will not want as much downforce and make use of a
Substantially scaled-down rear spoiler. Top rated Alcohol Funny Automobiles are capable of
performances inside the five.3s at greater than 270 mph.


No classification in NHRA Opposition attributes additional wide range than Comp.
Dragsters, altereds, street roadsters, coupes, sedans, front-motor
nostalgia dragsters, sport compact autos, and vehicles race in seventy five courses.
The engine combos are only as numerous as being the cars, from
turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines to Professional Stock-style V-8s and
nitrous-oxide-Outfitted mountain motors. Most automobiles are classified using a
components that divides overall car or truck weight by cubic inches. Every class is
assigned an index depending on what a effectively-built motor vehicle need to run, and races
are handicapped In line with People indexes.

Super Stock

Super Inventory automobiles may perhaps appear like normal passenger vehicles, but
They can be remarkably modified race cars. The class functions generally
late-model sedans and vintage muscle cars and trucks, and entries are labeled
employing a process that divides manufacturing unit shipping and delivery weight by NHRA-factored
horsepower. Significant engine modifications are permitted, however the
auto should keep the right engine block, cylinder heads, and
carburetor. Automobiles are handicapped employing an index system, along with the breakout
rule is enforced.


Inventory autos are comparable to Super Stockers, but The principles about
every thing from motor modifications to system alterations are much
stricter. Just about any auto is suitable to compete, and entries are
categorized employing a process that divides manufacturing facility shipping and delivery weight by
NHRA-factored horsepower. Bodies need to be unaltered and keep an entire
manufacturing facility inside. Tires are limited to a optimum nine-inch-vast rear slick.
Engines should be suitable for that make and model automobile and will have to keep
inventory cylinder heads, consumption manifold, and carburetor. Modifications are
restricted to a fundamental balancing and rebuild with only some overall performance

Super Comp

The fastest in the heads-up Tremendous classes (eight.90 index), Super Comp is
composed generally of dragsters. Engine, chassis, and system modifications
are virtually unlimited. Four- and six-cylinder-driven entries could
Possess a minimum fat of 1,000 pounds; all Other individuals are unable to weigh lower than
1,350 kilos. Most Super Comp cars are able to functioning very well beneath
the 8.90 index but use several electronic aids, like a timer
and adjustable throttle, to run close to the index without the need of operating
more quickly than it, or breaking out.

Super Gas

Tremendous Gas entries, which operate on a 9.90 index, are mostly complete-bodied
cars and trucks and Road roadsters. No dragsters or altereds are permitted.
Principles relating to motor and chassis modifications are very liberal,
although the use of exotic fuels is prohibited. The minimum weight is
two,100 kilos except for four-cylinder-run cars and trucks, which can Possess a
minimum body weight of one,two hundred lbs. As in Tremendous Comp, opponents use
electronic timers and throttle stops to operate as near The category
typical without likely beneath. Also as in Tremendous Comp, races are staged
utilizing a 4-tenths Pro commence.

Super Street

At NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Collection races and select NHRA Mello Yello
Drag Racing Collection situations, Super Road racers contend on a hard and fast
10.ninety-next index. All vehicles has to be total-bodied autos and weigh no
less than 2,800 kilos except for 6-cylinder automobiles, which can Have a very
minimal weight of two,000 kilos, and 4-cylinder- and rotary-driven
vehicles (one,200 lbs). Engine and chassis modifications are practically
unlimited. Racers contend on a 5-tenths Professional Tree.

Top Sportsman

This group for whole-bodied vehicles features a qualified discipline of 32,
48, or sixty four entries. A standard bracket racing format is used having a
complete a few-amber Christmas Tree start out, along with the breakout rule is
enforced. Entries can run while in the sixes at in excess of two hundred mph.

Top Dragster
group for open up-wheel entries functions a qualified industry of 32, 48,
or sixty four autos. A conventional bracket racing structure is made use of which has a full
3-amber Christmas Tree commence, plus the breakout rule is enforced.
Entries can run within the sixes at much more than 200 mph.

Pro Mod

With the eclectic mix of cars that range between ’41 Willys coupes to
’sixty three Corvettes to late-product Ford Mustangs and Dodge Vipers, several courses
present just as much range and exhilaration. The motor choices are equally
as varied; competitors can use superchargers, turbochargers, or
nitrous-oxide injection and operate in to the significant-5-2nd zone at speeds
of a lot more than 250 mph. The NHRA J&A Service Professional Mod Drag Racing
Collection operates at 10 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Collection situations.


KTM 1290 is waiting for you.


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