How to enable/disable Mac Address Filtering.

In technical term the official define of Mac filtering (or GUI filtering, or layer 2 address filtering) refers to a security access control method whereby the 48-bit address assigned to each network card is used to determine access to the networ[p

In simple form, it is just a security feature which is present in all types of wifi routers which can use as for allowing or disallowing devices for the connection with the router by their Wifi mac addresses. Each device which has wifi feature has a simple wifi mac address which you can check just simply on your device info in settings. Normally , a router allows any device for connection by a simple password, but with MAC address filtering a router will compare a device’s MAC address against an approved list of MAC addresses and only allow a device onto the Wi-Fi network if its MAC address has been specifically approved.

Means the wifi MAC addresses which are saved in the router’s settings can use the internet with your router and those which MAC addresses are not saved cannot use your internet, the most important feature of this MAC filtering is if anyone who knows your wifi password cannot use your internet anymore because his/her device MAC address is not saved on router’s settings. You don’t need to change your password anymore. Just simply add your personal devices info in the router’s settings.


Every router’s setting very quiet some of the routers are dlink, netgear, iball etc.

  • Log in to your router’s settings and you can go to these settings by a simple address and you can see this on Router’s box. (mine was But for this, you need to connect your device to your wifi router first. If your device is not connected and you try this address you couldn’t do this.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • Now log in with your password, in starting its admin12345 for everyone, change this for more security.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • From here you go to Wireless Settings.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • Then go to MAC Filtering.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • First, enable the feature.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise

  • And then save the MAC addresses of the devices. And click on add.
  • Then simply click on save.

Now only those devices whose address can use the internet.

How to disable: 

Just simply select disable option which you select on starting and then save it. This feature stops and now everyone uses the internet by just a simple password.

mac-filtering-enable-disable-netgear-iball-dlink-how to-software-hack-techspradise



Symetium : The no-compromise Smartphone Pc

Sweden-primarily based Symetium is Doing work for your previous 3 decades to build a smartphone with superior finish specs that may also act as a Personal computer when docked. The company introduced an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $1..25 million so it could possibly convey this cell phone to the current market.

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The reasoning just isn’t far too dissimilar
from what Canonical was seeking to do just before with an identical project,
Even though the Symetium smartphone is based entirely on Android rather than a mixture of Android to the cellular phone and Ubuntu on the desktop.

Credits :

The mobile phone by itself reminds us a
minor about Canonical’s Edge smartphone, also, with its sharper style and design
language. The Ubuntu Edge also appeared within an IndieGoGo campaign, but
Symetium is apparently requesting much less dollars to turn this solution
right into a truth.

Credits ;
Credits :

The key notion at the rear of the Symetium smartphone
and its working process is always that smartphones must function more like PCs,
and they must allow that larger standard of productiveness for everyone.
Just how Symetium wants to achieve which is by enabling the smartphone to
connect with one or many screens at the same time.

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The UI would not be mirrored but would in its place make a new interface
on that larger display, optimized for that sort issue, although also
allowing folks to continue utilizing their smartphones without interruption

After inside the Computer system manner, the Symetium
smartphone could also become a mouse and keyboard combination when no
these kinds of components are available.

The product will run a tailored working technique determined by Android Marshmallow. It’ll include a significant conclusion Snapdragon 820
and up to 6 GB of RAM to really make it extra “Personal computer-like,” which could verify
handy in the desktop method for those who open up numerous browser tabs without delay, for

Credits :

The Symetium smartphone will come
with approximately 256 GB of storage at the same time, While those designs are going to be
considerably costly. The baseline will begin at 64 GB of
storage. The smartphone’s
battery will supposedly past “roughly a few to 4 days,” but
it is not very clear less than what situation. Android M is supposed to double
standby battery lifestyle, nonetheless, it’s not likely to double the battery everyday living
below Lively use. The cell phone’s 4,000 mAh battery and also the 1080p
resolution OLED display screen should also assist in extending the battery lifetime of
the machine.

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The Symetium IndieGoGo campaign at the moment offers the smartphone
commencing at $499 for the 64 GB version, but only for a minimal variety
of customers, in a first come to start with served getting. The system’s typical
price tag appears to be $699 with the sixty 64GB model, $799 for the 128 GB, and
$999 to the 256 GB variant. The gadget is predicted to ship in July 2016.

Top 5 computer gadgets you must have.

1. Zcan Scanning Mouse

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Anyone needing to make use of a wi-fi scanner to collect inspiration, receipts or everything speedy and conveniently from challenging duplicate into digital, could have a desire. With this helpful new wi-fi scanning mouse often called the Zcan Wireless, that will aid you to absolutely drop that outsized desktop scanner and private something an entire lot way more moveable.

The Zcan Wi-fi scanning mouse has become promoted because the worlds somewhat really to begin with two-in-somebody wi-fi scanner mouse that lets you scan just about everywhere conveniently. Look at the Movie as soon as the soar to find out excess with regard to the scanner mouse issue and find out it in motion.

Buy this from  or



We all work on our desktops and laptops more than 8 hours a day and all our work needs basically typing. By the keyboards of our PCs, our hands become tired from all day typing, this is because the style of our keyboards is same since hundred years. And now it’s time to upgrade our keyboards and make them more comfortable.

And this is is the main reason of the making of keyboardio, which has a hardwood overall body, mechanical switches & custom made-sculpted keycaps, it is a dream to sort on.

There are several ergonomically formed keyboards on the market nowadays, but for many who are searching for one which happens to be stylishly formulated and it’s mechanical keys, properly you’re in luck as There exists this kind of a Resource called the Keyboardio. The gadget was established and produced by Jesse Vincent whose name is kind of outstanding inside the Perl Local people.

The Keyboardio can be a Kickstarter enterprise that is definitely trying to get funding, so perhaps it may be actually valued testing if That’s Whatever you’re right after. As you could potentially see in the Film earlier talked about, the Keyboardio incorporates an alternatively Outstanding situation as far as keyboards are produced, but this is meant to receive an ergonomic posture since it makes it possible for your wrists relaxation Definitely, which subsequently could assist safeguard in opposition to carpal tunnel.

The keycaps happen to be extensively modified and will sit Together with mechanical keys, so if you are eager on the feel and viewpoints from mechanical switches, then This might be of curiosity to you personally. The switches are surely not around the Cherry wide range but are from Matias as well as their Tranquil Professional array. Also it athletics an alternatively elegant exterior comprised of maple Wooden.

3. Remix Mini : The World’s First True Android PC

Credits :

In case you’re in search of a little something to switch your desktop, Laptop or computer, you’re going to should realign your anticipations a little. The Remix Mini is a $70 unit that comes cozily to head out of your box, with a tailor made Edition of Android that works unbelievably perfectly for a ‘desktop’ OS.

Beneath the pebble-shaped matte plastic exterior is, in fact, a 1.2GHz quad-Key Allwinner processor, 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. Nearly practically nothing that’s planning to blow anybody absent, but that’s part of The primary reason it’s just $70.

In regards to the again, there are two USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet port, an HDMI out as well as a headphone port.

Obtaining claimed that the actual appeal on the Remix Mini will be the forked Android Remix OS, not the factors bundle. It’s based on Android 5.1 but supplies an entire whole lot much more into the desk concerning basic desktop use.



A conveyable powerhouse unleashing the power of contact in Home windows 7, eight and ten. Great for Mac, Android and perhaps iPad.

Swiftpoint GT combines intuitive contact gestures Along with the precision and advantage of a mouse. It’s the primary mouse on the globe giving you a unique combination of:

    • Swipe or flick using a pure finger and wrist action without having to access the display screen.
    • Get productiveness to a fresh amount and hardly ever click on a scroll bar once again.
    • Ergonomic pen-like grip comfy for all hand measurements.
    • Lightweight & compact style that may be a wonderful healthy for the multi-machine Way of living. Apply it to a desk, laptop palm rest, or maybe your leg! Often be one 100% effective, anyplace, and on any system.
    • Rechargeable and wireless supporting Bluetooth four or perhaps the supplied USB receiver.

You get all of this packed into 1 wonderfully intended gadget. The GT will let you bridge the hole involving touch and non-contact modes of functioning your desktop, notebook or pill.



5. Keymouse

Credits :

It lets users work the mouse without having gone their fingers outside of the typing place.  No more going your hand backward and forwards between the keyboard and mouse.

Considering that 1984, not a whole lot has modified in terms of the two things that we use to converse with our desktop and laptop computers – keyboards and mouse/trackpads.

KeyMouse is a Bluetooth keyboard with a huge difference; it splits the normal QWERTY keyboard into two halves, a person for every hand. Your hand sits cozy atop a central “bulge” that retains your fingers in the right place for ergonomic typing, and the entire KeyMouse moves as an optical mouse.

You will find a huge amount of buttons which you could customize to your preferences, whether you’re a gamer or use the keyboard and mouse combo for layout operate.


What is Lifi? Difference between Lifi and Wifi.

lifi-and-wifi-techsparadise-lifi internet-lifi-technology
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What is Wifi?

Wi-Fi or WiFi is a technology for wireless local area networking with devices based on IEEE standards. Wifi compatible devices can connect to the internet via a WLAN network and a wireless access point. Such an access point or hotspot has a range of about 20 meters or 66 feet indoors and a greater range in outdoors, these hotspots can cover a single room with walls because walls blocks radio waves.

Wi-Fi is accidental creation in 1992 by Australian radio astronomer Dr. John O’Sullivan
via an unsuccessful experiment to detect exploding mini black holes. Wi-Fi
has revolutionized digital conversation devoid of  our present-day cellular
strategy for lifestyle will be considerably diverse Wi-Fi now makes up a sixty
% of world Net visitors with all of that becoming stated Wi-Fi
nevertheless, has some concerns it sketchy that situations with varying sign and
it is not thoroughly secure due to the fact your signal could journey as a result of partitions
and be quickly picked up by some other person. The main reason for all of this is
that Wi-Fi takes advantage of radio waves to transmit information so how do we improve this
technological know-how and solve these issues we must use something that’s affordable
safe plentiful and a lot more strong for facts transfer the answer.

Their light is the perfect because it’s the Section of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and there LIFI is available in the intellect.

The age of WiFi connectivity may turn out to be Portion of heritage prior to
we believed, immediately after researchers last but not least set the light based communication
format “Li-Fi” into observing.

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) can be a bidirectional, higher-pace and completely networked wi-fi interaction technologies just like Wi-Fi. The time period was coined by Harald Haas and is particularly a method of visible light-weight interaction and a subset of optical wireless communications (OWC) and could be described as a enhance to RF communication (Wi-Fi or cellular networks), or even a replacement in contexts of knowledge broadcasting.


lifi-and-wifi-techsparadise-lifi internet-lifi-technology
Credits :

It really is wire and up seen-light-weight conversation or infrared and around-ultraviolet rather than radio-frequency
spectrum, Portion of optical wi-fi communications know-how, which
carries Significantly more information, and is proposed as an answer to
the RF-bandwidth limitations.

Difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi

Full FormLight FidelityWireless Fidelity
OperationTransfer data using light from LED bulbs.Transfer data using radio waves with the support of Wi-Fi router.
InterferenceEncounter no interferenceEncounter interference
issues.issues from other nearby routers/access points.
ApplicationsUsed in electromagnetic sensitive and high dense areas like undersea, airlines,etc., and even in offices, homes, for internet and data transfer purposes.Used for internet browsing via Wifi Kiosks or hotspots.
PrivacyLight waves used in Li-Fi do not pass walls and so provide high security.In Wifi, radio frequency signals can pass walls and so data transfer is not so secure.
Data Transfer SpeedAbout 1 GbpsWLAN-11n offers 150Mbps, About 1-2 Gbps can be achieved using WiGig/Giga-IR
Data DensityOperates in high dense areasOperates well in less dense areas.Operates well in less dense a
Coverage DistanceAbout 10 metresAbout 32 meters, depending on the antenna type and signal power.
System ComponentsLamp driver, LED bulb(lamp) and a photo detector.Wi-Fi routers, subscriber devices(laptops,PDAs,smartphones,etc.)

For its complete working, you can check the link.

Source : youtube and Wikipedia