Sliden’Joy : Add more SCREENS to your laptop without paying too much.

Laptops and computers both are so useful for all of us, it doesn’t matter from which sector you belong it becomes a must for every sector now a date. But we mostly prefer laptops over PCs because of compatibility and easy to carry. But when it come to working which needs a big screen so that we can easily do without changing the screens of laptop. At that time we all goes to the extra monitors but there is a problem with those monitors that we don’t carry them everywhere. But now there is a tech comes which solves this problem of more screens it’s SlideN Joy.

We reinvent your {laptobility}



Slidenjoy – Double or triple your screens


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Once your additional screens slid, simply turn them up to 180° to share what you see with people seating around the table. From now, you can share to 1 single person, 2, 3, or even 10 people at the same time. Your way of work is going to change .


At work, at home, wherever you want, Sliden’joy improves your visibility. From now, no more excuses being selfish.



Due to the fact high-quality and sustainability are our identity. Sliden’Joy will probably be
your associate for some time. It does not matter your next laptop computer measurement,
Sliden’Pleasure Will correctly in good shape !


Including two screens to your laptop computer!

Increase two exterior screens in your notebook by plugging it when you want it!
Pre-purchase it now online and get it just before any person else. You’ll take advantage of a reduction of one hundred€ about the prices in outlets!

Works on both Mac and PC

Mac and windows friendly


Slide n'joy Twins
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Thin, light and robust

Thin,15 Millimeter

We selected the finest slabs without compromising the full HD quality, and lightest components while considering the robustness of the accessory.

Light, 1 Kilogram

Freestanding, its weight, and dimensions have been reduced to their maximum.

Robust, Aluminium Hinges

Raw materials were specifically selected without affecting the sturdiness of the accessory.

Available in 13″, 15″ and 17″

Sliden’Joy perfectly matches your favorite work tool. It is available in 3 sizes : 13″, 15″ and 17″ for the launching. Some others are coming soon.

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Single USB 3.0

A single USB. Light, directional, ultra-thin and customizable : Sliden’Joy all at the same time !”


Complete HD

Enjoy the complete superior-definition knowledge and increase your productiveness with crystal clear visuals.

Choose comprehensive advantage of the really very best quality whenever you’re looking at
movies engaged on spreadsheets or acquiring an online video chat with all your

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The most effective work tool requirements your very best ending

isn’t just a large number of colors, it’s also a sizable range of textures
distinct from everyday life add-ons.We wished it to get wonderful, thoroughly clean
and exquisite, it’s really that easy.

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“It’s Not Like a Computer. It Is a Computer.    plug-pc-rdpp-techsparadise

Technology goes small in size as we are building more points,
and there are actually the use of computers generates problems many times mainly because
of the size of laptops and PCs.
What occurs if the dimensions of Laptop or computer decreases, alternatives of usages
raises, And what occurs if lowered on your middle finger, usages
develop into Finish LESS – Sit again, Rest & Split your head in supplementing
this Innovation in your Innovation / Entertainment !!! Certainly, There may be
also a tech for that.

Athletic Intel Atom Quad Main Processor with 2GB of Ram | 32 GB Storage together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro SD Slot & USB two.0 in just 0.035 Litre Form Aspect is Wonderful !!!

This little tech can be used as Dwelling Leisure Gadget, Computer system, Digital Signage, Thin Client System & So on and so on.. uncompromising efficiency is certain !!!


Plug. Play. Entertain.
Tiny and powerful.

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  • Stream Your Personal HD Videos from your Mobile/the Internet to Play in your HD TV !!!
  • Youtube : Enjoy millions of Youtube HD Movies in your Home Theatre Systems !!!
  • Slide your loved one’s life moments in your HD TV !!
  • Skype with your loved ones in your HD TV !!
  • Walk to famous landmarks thru 3D Google street view in your HD TV !!

What is the reason behind Airplane Mode during flights?

Plug. Play. Produce.
On-the-go productivity.

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Except in Bizarre dimensions, You may use it everywhere dwelling or Workplace – Possibly
for the browser primarily based programs or indigenous apps – All you
want is HDMI Watch, Wi-fi, and Mouse. The better part has become you
can carry your Laptop whereby ever you prefer much like your Pen Drive.

Gravity Light : A new innovation for Developing Countries.

Plug. Play. Project.
Your PC-like mobility solution.

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It’s incredible functions & compact measurement will definitely alter the frame of mind about Desktop Computers.
It enables to project Ability Position paperwork, Films on more substantial screens
anywhere.. when At any time simply by connects to an HDMI Projector.

Plug. Play. Thin Client.
Connectivity at your fingertips.

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Plug PC
is much more cost-effective nonetheless far more powerful with a sense of Freedom &
Enhanced Mobility, can be used as a skinny Shopper / VDI Clients. By
holding the staff members informed about distinctive OS alternatives simply by
connecting to VDI Servers.

Plug. Play. POS.
Digital Signage in different Form Factors.

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Change and add interactive screens into a strong Electronic Signage or POS by just connecting Plug PC by means of
HDMI Port. It can be Shrunken in measurement but not in efficiency. Connects to
the cloud for the data or obtain files locally. Hence allows building
inexpensive digital signages methods in various sort elements.

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