Water ride, but in new way, motor boat fun with submarine feature

If you are planning your vacations in some river or lake side, you must try the new ride of 2016, it looks like a dolphin and it attracts many people too. Its SEABREACHER, a new watercraft by which you can do whatever you want in the lake or river. It looks like a fish but has a power of a motor boat and the experience of riding it is like a submarine, it is the combinations of all the water rides present in today’s time.

Credits : seabreacher.com


Seabreacher can work below the surface of the water as like a submarine, it can make a dive of around five feet and if you dive too low or too sharp, the boat will just pop back to the surface – any deeper and the engine will stall due to lack of air. It has a fin on top which seems like the fin of a shark and it serves as a snorkel, supplying the jet ski-sourced engine with air, while aircraft-style inflatable seals help keep the cabin dry.

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The power which moves the breacher as a motor boat comes from a Rotax three cylinder, 1500cc, four-stroke engine. It has inter cooled supercharger helps the engine to 260 hp and this system also used in many other personal watercrafts , which allows it to source parts with ease. The engine has an ECU which is similar we see on modern passenger cars to precisely manage power and fuel consumption, and also includes an integrated oil tank to minimize leaks as well as a patented oil separator that prevents oil from flooding the engine if the Seabreacher rolls over. The closed cooling system means the Seabreacher can be used in fresh or salt water.

Credits : seabreacher.com

For thrust, the seabreacher uses an axial flow jet pump which takes the water from one end which has a low pressure and by passing water from an impeller to compress the water then pushes it out a nozzle that’s smaller than the inlet to create thrust. The top speed the breacher take is around  50 mph on the surface  and 25 mph when below the surface.

Credits : seabreacher.com


It also has so many internal features as well, the interior of breacher is fully upholstered and made to the buyer’s specifications. It has an onboard audio system by which you can play music while riding it just simply connects it with your smartphone or iPod and had front and rear LCD screens by which you can see the images from the snorkel-mounted camera.

Credits : seabreacher.com


If you are interested in buying it and want to ride, you can do this just by paying $65K and the price is going up to $85K for  high-performance model, with a host of customization options available for the nautical connoisseur. For riding it you doesn’t need a license but you should have the knowledge of riding a typical Wave Runner or power boat works before taking a Seabreacher out on the water, and claims it takes only a short time to master basic operation. Despite its radical design, most of the Seabreacher can be serviced or repaired at a typical marine shop.It comes in the very different variety. You can check the wiki page of its or check the link.

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Survival Gadgets

In the modern day , the survival is so comfortable but when we talk about the forest areas and jungle life its not that easy and comfortable, we all goes for tracking and many other outdoor activities for relaxing from our life and all the affecting things which is in our cities, but there are some important things which should be must carry with us before going to any outdoor for a long time. These things help us not so much but yes it is sufficient and important to carry a survival kit with us for any emergency.


Src : dn.everydaycarry.com

It is a multipurpose tool, its small, compact, easy to use and multi-functional that can be taken anywhere. The portable tool kit that you never being to leave behind. The first feature of the tool is it is a water purifier, you can use it as a straw and drink the water and it holds all the dirt and microbes in it. Second is it has a military style compass in one of its end which helps you to find the track. It also has fit blades of magnesium metal which can also be used as for the lightning purpose by the spark. It also has a LED bulb for the lighting, it contains fishing wire inside it. And most importantly a USB charger and SOS GPS tracker for your help.

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The most important survival kit which every survival guide needs is a KNIFE but there are so many knives and every knife is special for doing special works, and that’s why there are so many knives is there which we need to chose best.

In survival knife is one of the most important tools and that is the reason it should be best and can be used anywhere. And MSK1 is suitable for all the needs, it has a small survival kit in its handle, 2 in 1 switchable nylon cover. Its material by which it made is really tough so it can use as a big knife also. It builds from a one metal piece which makes it hard to break and having a piercing tip and hard crushing end. It is the thickest and durable blades you can buy. You can use a full-size chopper and fine cutting knife, The design is so user-friendly so that it can fit in any hands easily.

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3. Pure 2 G0

The world id going smaller and we are traveling so much but when it comes to adventurous trips the main problem comes is the unavailability of pure drinking water. There are so many water filters in the market which filter water but only filters physical dirt particles, not viruses, and the water comes out from those filters is not pure to drink. But there is an amazing Filter which can filter viruses too, and it can so easy to use and the filtration system is replaceable.







HOVERBOARD : Ride the experience of skateboard and Hoverboard

We all love the upcoming new gadgets by which our life becomes easy in many ways and as the time going new techs are invented daily and coming to the market for making our lives more comfortable and we all stick to some of them because of their features and one of them is HOVERBOARDS. These are known as self-balancing boards which have wheels by which we travel the distances, there are so many hoverboards are present in the market and their features are almost same but there is also an amazing hoverboard is also present which gives two different things feel in one i.e Skateboard and Hoverboard.

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Credits : hoverboard.com

It has only one wheel by which it balances and the reason of making only single wheel is reducing friction and change the experience of standard hoverboards. Inside precision sensors and electronics smooth and stabilize your ride and gently accelerating in which direction you want. If you slightly bend in front it accelerates the board and leans gently to one side to turn your direction. If you want to stop you can set the board downside to turning down the motor, and the top speed of board is 20mph and the range of the board 15 miles. It also has built-in Bluetooth speakers by which you connect with your smartphone which you perfect soundtrack so that you can enjoy your ride.

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Credits : hoverboard.com



icon-range  Range


icon-speed  Speed


icon-weight  Weight


icon-charge  Charge




DJ your own Hoverboard adventure and hear articulate status and warnings

Digital Charge Meter

Know when you’re low on the flow by simply glancing down.

Ground Contacting Sonar

Proactively reacts to bumps or changes in slope for a more stable ride.

Power Output

Yes, You can charge your phone and even charge another Hoverboard from yours.

The battery life and premium hardware make it extremely heavy — about 20 to 25 pounds. It’s very tough to carry by hand and won’t fit in backpacks. The cost is also seriously prohibitive. Unless you’re some wealthy extreme sports nut or want to spoil your kids, I’m not sure who will buy it.

That was never really the point, though. Robert Bigler invented this gyro skate After selling his robotic automation startup Animatics for a bunch of loot. He had dreamed of a hoverboard and was intent on birthing it into reality. He tells me that if the Kickstarter fails, he’ll just make a few dozen boards for friends and family, then calls it quits.







ESCALATOR : How it works?


As in our lifetime, many of us traveled some top by the assistance of an ESCALATOR
but no one thinks how it really works plus some of the guys like me believed it but
not one person understands. As I’m also touring for my Assembly from metro and even though
going to the platform with the help of escalator I go into a deep considered
how it really works then following finishing my Assembly, And that I arrived at residence i
discovered how it really works and I choose to share what I learn with all of you.

Source : en.wikipedia.org

Precisely what is an escalator?

An escalator is actually a form of
vertical transportation in the shape of the relocating staircase – a conveyor
transport unit for carrying people in between flooring of the setting up. It
provides a motor pushed chain of particular person techniques that moves up and down.

are applied all throughout the world to move from tiny distances like
pedestrian site visitors in places exactly where elevators might be impractical. Most important
areas of use of escalators are department stores, buying malls,
airports, transit units, convention centers, resorts, arenas, stadiums,
and public buildings.

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It moves big range of persons and all are sites as within our staircase.The
constructive facet of an escalator is getting no waiting around interval (apart from
all through really heavy traffic), they are often utilized to tutorial people towards primary
exits or Particular exhibits, and Also they are weatherproofed for outside
use. A non-functioning escalator can functionality as a standard staircase,
whereas other Express procedure results in being worthless when they are not in use.



Credits : i.ytimg.com

Escalators perform 0n The easy chain and gear procedure, it’s a set of chains, looped all-around two pairs of gears.
The principle motor is on the top from the Escalator which can help in rotating
the chains which happen to be current Within the system of the method and the power
of the motor is one hundred horsepower approx. The motor and chain system are
housed Within the truss, a steel structure extending in between two flooring.

all appreciates how an escalator functions variety outdoors but The good matter
about an escalator is the best way these methods move. As being the chains transfer, the
measures constantly continue to be a stage. At the highest and base in the escalator, the
methods collapse on one another, making a flat System. This makes it
much easier to get on and from the escalator.

Each and every step inside the
escalator has two sets of wheels 1 is at the best and next is with the
base, which rolls together two different tracks. The higher set (the wheels
close to the major from the stage) are connected to the rotating chains, and so
are pulled via the generate gear at the highest with the escalator. The opposite set
of wheels only glides along its observe, next at the rear of the initial established.

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The tracks
are spaced aside in this type of way that every phase will often keep on being a stage.
At the best and base on the escalator, the tracks stage off into a
horizontal place, flattening the stairway. Each individual step includes a series of
grooves in it, so it will in good shape along with the measures driving it and in
the entrance of it in the course of this flattening.

Along with rotating the most crucial chain loops, the electrical motor within an escalator also moves the handrails.
A handrail is simply a rubber conveyer belt that may be looped about a
number of wheels. This belt is specifically configured to ensure it moves at
the exact same speed given that the ways, to offer riders some stability.

escalator program isn’t practically nearly as good being an elevator at lifting people
dozens of tales, but it is much better at going individuals a brief
length. It is because in the escalator’s higher loading rate.
Once an elevator is stuffed up, It’s important to watch for it to succeed in its
flooring and return ahead of any one else can get on. On an escalator, as
shortly when you load a person individual on, you will find space for another. Thanks to
this their is not any have to have for ready, and once the escalator stops Operating
as a result of any kind of fault the stopped escalator operates as standard stairs
much too.

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Source : science.howstuffworks.com