Bobby : The Anti Theft Backpack

We all live in a society where no one is perfect and every day there are so many crimes, some are really big ones and some small like pick-pockets, robbing, etc.

We all travel from one place to another across the globe for many reasons but there are some fear in our minds related to safety of our belongings while traveling and we 0carry a lot of locks while traveling which increases the weight of our things a lot, but it was also important to make our things safe and secure. According to a research every day, there is 4 hundred thousand pickpocket incidents occur worldwide.


But you don’t need to worry because there is a smart backpack is available in the market which helps you to secure your valuable things. It is BOBBY, the Anti-theft Backpack.

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It has so many features included in the material by which it was made is cut-proof, there are so many hidden zipper pockets and secret pockets which help you to keep your belongings safe during your commutes. Besides being the safest Backpack it has so many other features which make it the most convenient backpack also. It has an integrated USB Charging phone port which helps you to charge your electronic devices without opening any zip of your bag, it contains a weight balance, the fabric by which it manufactures is water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips, and luggage strap.


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Bobby-the Best Anti-Theft backpack-XD Design-techsparadise
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Bobby, the Best Anti-Theft backpack! Cut Proof | Anti-Theft | Night Safety.

Its available on Kickstarter you can order this from there or directly but from amazon also.


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