Now Charge your Smartphone with your finger swipe.

    • A swipe of a finger or application of pressure is enough to generate power from this low-cost, film-like material containing charged ions.
    • The device is one of many innovative alternative energy solutions that could help us curb our dependence on fossil fuels and their negative environmental impact.


Yes, now you can charge your smartphone with a swipe of your finger, all this possible, thanks to a new low-cost film like device that can generate energy from human motion. This device is known as nanogenerator and scientists successfully operated an LCD touch screen, a bank of 20 LED lights and a flexible keyboard, all with a simple touching or pressing motion and without the aid of a battery.

“We’re on the path towards wearable devices powered by human motion,” said Nelson Sepulveda, associate professor at Michigan State University in the US. Soon we don’t need to worry about the charging of our smartphone for an entire week, for example, because that energy will be produced by our body movements and transferred into our gadgets.

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This innovative process starts with a single silicon wafer, which then fabricated with several layers, or thin sheets and polypropylene ferroelectret. And then ions are added to the each layer in the device contains charged particles. Then finally, electrical energy is created when the device is compressed by human motion or by mechanical energy.

This complete device is called a biocompatible Ferroelectret Nanogenerator, or FENG. The size of this device is as a sheet of paper and can be used in many sizes. The device is used to power the LED lights of palm-sized, for example, while the device used to power the touchscreen was as a small as a finger.

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Advantages of this device are many such as it is lightweight, flexible, biocompatible, scalable, low-cost and robust could make FENG “a promising and alternative method in the field of mechanical energy harvesting” for many autonomous electronics such as wireless headsets, cell phones, and other touch-screen devices, according to the study.

COMET : World’s First Floating Smartphone.

And another plus point of this device is it becomes more powerful when folded. Each time you fold it you are increasing exponentially the amount of voltage you are creating. “Sepulveda said. ‘You can start with a large device, but when you fold it once, and again, and again, it’s now much smaller and has more energy,” he said. “Now it may be small enough to put in a specially made heel of your shoe so it creates power each time your heel strikes the ground,” he said. Researchers are developing technology that would transmit the power generated from the heel strike to, say, a wireless headset. The study was published in the journal Nano Energy.

The new technologies are quite ingenious, too. Technology company Pavegen designed floor tiles that generate energy from people’s weight as they walk. A new photocell design efficiently harvests solar power by mimicking how plants’ leaves do it. There’s also the beta.ray by German Architect Andre Broessel and Makani’s Energy Kite.

With FENG now allowing us to generate power with the swipe of a finger, alternative energy has never felt so tangible.

Floor tiles that generate energy as people walk. Pavegen.














How to Activate or Enable Siri.

How to activate SIRI complete guide.

Siri is APPLE‘s personal Assistant, and it can do all the task which you want to do with you iPhone by simple voice commands. You can surf online, send and receive messages, plan your route, and much more. In order to use Siri, you must have a compatible device, and it needs to be enabled.

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It’s Requirements: 

  • iPhone 4s or later.
  • An Internet connection (wireless or 3G upwards is best).

Setting up Siri:

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First, enable Siri on your iPhone before you go for further.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Siri – slide the little button to ‘On’ if it isn’t already.
  2. Check the settings below are correct. Choose your language, your voice feedback preferences, and your contact book profile (so that Siri knows who you are and can begin creating ‘relationships’ such as ‘wife’ or ‘brother’ with other contacts in your address book).
  3. Allow ‘Hey Siri’ if you wish to activate Siri without pressing the Home button.
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If you are the first user of iPhone and want to setup Siri.

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  1. Press and hold the iPhone’s physical “Home” button to open Siri.
  2. You will hear quick beeps telling you that Siri is started and ready to work.
  3. When Siri is started, you can ask anything, to perform any type of task. Siri will automatically detect when you have stopped speaking, but you can optionally press the microphone icon to show you have finished speaking.
  4. If you requested Siri to do something such as send an email or text, Siri will show you a draft of the proposed message before it is sent.  To send the message,  say “send” or touch the “send” button.

Energy problems, Just simply walk and you never run out of power.

AMPY : Creates energy with your every motion.

We all are using many gadgets and all runs on battery and many times their battery runs out of power when we needed them strongly, and then we need to recharge them again but sometimes we are not at a place to recharge them again. Then at that time we need a power bank which charges our gadgets. But the use of power banks had some limitations like the mess up with wires and their recharge.

That’s why AMPY was invented, it creates electricity and recharges an inbuilt battery, it creates energy by your motion. It doesn’t need a particular motion or a professional athlete to create energy. It creates from any type of motion.


AMPY MOVE: Power your devices from your motion.

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A wearable battery that transforms the energy from your motion into power for your devices.

Ampy converts kinetic energy from your motion to electric energy and stores it into a battery which later powers your smartphones and wearables. You can charge AMPY move from your motion or directly wall. And a fully powered up AMPY gives your smartphone up to 24 hours of more battery life.

It stores the energy you generate in the internal lithium ion battery. Simply plug in your smartphone or wearable device into the USB port to start charging. In a hurry? We engineered it to charge your devices just as fast as a wall outlet.

It’s internal battery stores about a week’s worth of physical activity and stays ready to use for months. You can also recharge it from a wall outlet if needed using the micro-USB port on top.

It fits right into your lifestyle. It’s accessory kit enables you to get creative with the way you move and capture more energy with AMPY. It comes with a sleeve, armband, and clip.


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The World’s First Wearable Motion Charger.


How it works:

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You can check the complete info about the gadget by your smartphone by an app, you can see how much energy you generate. It comes with a wearable kit, you can use as many ways. You can check the CNET article.

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Want to know how much power you’re generating? The AMPY smartphone app tracks:

  • The amount of energy you’ve generated
  • The number of calories you’ve burned
  • Your carbon footprint offset from charging with it
  • Compare your stats with other AMPY users, and share directly on Twitter and Facebook.

To get your info, simply enter a few settings and it’s app will calculate these statistics. In the future, AmPY will relay the information directly to your phone so you don’t have to enter anything in!

AMPY works without the app. Just wear AMPY and move. It will capture your energy and charge your electronics when you plug them in.

Walk, run, or cycle… The more you move, the more battery life you get.


You can purchase it from AMAZON or EBAY



Whatsapp Video Call.

WhatsApp’s impending guidance for video contacting appears being closer to launch. As outlined by new experiences, the aspect has become functional in several of the beta builds on the Android application, following its the latest arrival during the Windows Mobile phone Model of your Fb-owned messaging app. The iOS application was also up-to-date just final 7 days, but video clip contacting aid wasn’t incorporated at the moment.

The arrival of online video calling on Android was very first noticed through the website Android Police, which found that some customers on the beta builds of the applying had been capable of accessibility online video contacting as a result of an up-to-date application interface.

For people on the Model of WhatsApp which includes video clip calling guidance, you’re capable of tap the decision button or tap over a Get in touch with card to kick off a online video call. In such a case, a fresh dialog box will appear, offering the selection in between a regular voice simply call and also a video clip simply call. Furthermore, the call log will clearly show which phone calls had been produced through the movie by annotating them Together with the digital camera icon, as an alternative to the phone icon.

You can directly download the apk of the latest application.

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Nonetheless, there isn’t nonetheless a means to contact other WhatsApp end users who don’t even have video calling aid. If you are attempting to, WhatsApp defaults to some voice contact.

Android isn’t the one platform the place movie contacting is switched on. Past week, some users on the WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone ended up also shocked to notice that the feature was now purposeful. And In such a case, it didn’t involve an app update – indicating a server-aspect modify could allow it.

In the Home windows Cell phone beta, online video phone calls worked exactly the same as on Android. Whenever you tapped the call button, you could possibly decide in between voice and online video. All through calls, It’s also possible to mute the call or switch cameras, early adopters famous.

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Prior to deciding to get much too psyched, Allow’s understand that this is not The very first time Android users had been randomly capable of using movie contacting. A beta Develop released in May had turned this option on then, but WhatsApp afterwardt.

That being stated, WhatsApp in the past has trialed big updates to its apps in an identical style. Such as, it was a number of months ahead of voice calling went from testing on Android to getting publicly accessible on the System, and then One more thirty day period right before it went live on iOS.

What on earth is appealing is it’s taken this extended to carry the attribute to WhatsApp’s 1 billion users, given the messaging assistance now has use of means plus the complex know-how from father or mother business Fb, which switched on free, VOIP video calls in April 2015.

In almost any function, the timing is ripe for just a online video contacting start on WhatsApp, assuming it would like to remain competitive. Failing to have this element out the door could go away area for newcomer Google Duo to gain traction with smartphone buyers, as movie calling grows in reputation.

In contrast to Apple’s FaceTime, Duo operates across the two iOS and Android but doesn’t supply Considerably concerning frills, like group contacting or video clip effects. Google also weirdly break up up textual content and online video into independent applications, Duo and Allo, in its place of mixing them into only one, additional practical app.

Attained for the remark, WhatsApp declined to supply insights into its plans for video clip contacting, expressing only that “we do not comment on long term merchandise options or beta releases of WhatsApp.”

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