“It’s Not Like a Computer. It Is a Computer.    plug-pc-rdpp-techsparadise

Technology goes small in size as we are building more points,
and there are actually the use of computers generates problems many times mainly because
of the size of laptops and PCs.
What occurs if the dimensions of Laptop or computer decreases, alternatives of usages
raises, And what occurs if lowered on your middle finger, usages
develop into Finish LESS – Sit again, Rest & Split your head in supplementing
this Innovation in your Innovation / Entertainment !!! Certainly, There may be
also a tech for that.

Athletic Intel Atom Quad Main Processor with 2GB of Ram | 32 GB Storage together with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Micro SD Slot & USB two.0 in just 0.035 Litre Form Aspect is Wonderful !!!

This little tech can be used as Dwelling Leisure Gadget, Computer system, Digital Signage, Thin Client System & So on and so on.. uncompromising efficiency is certain !!!


Plug. Play. Entertain.
Tiny and powerful.

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  • Stream Your Personal HD Videos from your Mobile/the Internet to Play in your HD TV !!!
  • Youtube : Enjoy millions of Youtube HD Movies in your Home Theatre Systems !!!
  • Slide your loved one’s life moments in your HD TV !!
  • Skype with your loved ones in your HD TV !!
  • Walk to famous landmarks thru 3D Google street view in your HD TV !!

What is the reason behind Airplane Mode during flights?

Plug. Play. Produce.
On-the-go productivity.

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Except in Bizarre dimensions, You may use it everywhere dwelling or Workplace – Possibly
for the browser primarily based programs or indigenous apps – All you
want is HDMI Watch, Wi-fi, and Mouse. The better part has become you
can carry your Laptop whereby ever you prefer much like your Pen Drive.

Gravity Light : A new innovation for Developing Countries.

Plug. Play. Project.
Your PC-like mobility solution.

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It’s incredible functions & compact measurement will definitely alter the frame of mind about Desktop Computers.
It enables to project Ability Position paperwork, Films on more substantial screens
anywhere.. when At any time simply by connects to an HDMI Projector.

Plug. Play. Thin Client.
Connectivity at your fingertips.

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Plug PC
is much more cost-effective nonetheless far more powerful with a sense of Freedom &
Enhanced Mobility, can be used as a skinny Shopper / VDI Clients. By
holding the staff members informed about distinctive OS alternatives simply by
connecting to VDI Servers.

Plug. Play. POS.
Digital Signage in different Form Factors.

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Change and add interactive screens into a strong Electronic Signage or POS by just connecting Plug PC by means of
HDMI Port. It can be Shrunken in measurement but not in efficiency. Connects to
the cloud for the data or obtain files locally. Hence allows building
inexpensive digital signages methods in various sort elements.

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Active Denial System.

Non lethal weapon for disturbing the crowd : ACTIVE DENIAL SYSTEM.

ADS_usaf-active-danial system-techsparadise

The Active Denial System (ADS) can be a non-lethal, Vitality weapon produced through the U.S. navy to the
general public Command, suitable for location denial, perimeter protection, and the crowd
control.It really works on the frequency of MICROWAVE frequency by which it
transmits a wave which can be all around 900GHZ and it results in a good deal level of
heat within the goal, it does not show any laser, mild, smoke.
Informally, the weapon is also referred to as the heat ray since it operates
by heating the floor of targets, like the pores and skin of the focused human
topics. Raytheon is at present advertising and marketing a lowered-assortment Variation of
this technology. The Advertisements was deployed in 2010 for the help of United
States armed forces within the Afghanistan War but was withdrawn without the need of viewing
beat On August twenty, 2010, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Division
introduced its intent to employ this technology on prisoners within the Pitchess
Detention Center in Los Angeles, stating its intent to implement it in
“operational evaluation” in situations, for example, breaking up prisoner
fights. The ADS is at this time merely a vehicle-mounted weapon, nevertheless U.S.
Marines and law enforcement are both focusing on moveable versions. Adverts was
made underneath the sponsorship with the DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Software
Along with the Air Drive Analysis Laboratory given that the guide company. You will find
reports that Russia and China are creating their own individual versions of the Active Denial System.

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Source : Wikipedia

Danger Room Video Ops: Spencer Ackerman Zapped by ‘Pain Ray’








TOYOTA : Fun Vii Concept Car

An amazing concept vehicle designed to instantly change inside and out.


Source : google.com

There is a concept of the future cars, the Fun-Vii is designed to instantly change inside and outside of its body. Its massive LED-screen exterior not only allows a personalized display on the outside but is also engineered to connect with roadways, infrastructure and other cars on the interior. It can even recognize you when you walk up to it. This, combined with innovations in augmented reality, lets us look at the mobility of tomorrow in a surprising new light. It will change our future to a great level.

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These future cars aren’t like any concept car (or display) we’ve ever seen — the interior and exterior are covered with a display panel, and the door is touch sensitive. All the navigation info displays on the interior display and you can even change the display of the exterior by a simple download with the help of your smartphone. The software of these future cars which controls all the systems of the car can be updated by a through a simple network connection, which also links to other vehicles for detecting cars in the blind spots or finding friends driving nearby.

Some of the features will even be accessible through a smartphone, though we’re pretty sure driving won’t be one of them. We wouldn’t expect a price or release date with a concept this outrageous, but it would be great to see software updates, networked driving, and touch-sensitive surfaces incorporated into a future Camry.

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An Insane ROCKET Powered Car.

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Source : http://www.toyota.com