Now Charge your Smartphone with your finger swipe.

    • A swipe of a finger or application of pressure is enough to generate power from this low-cost, film-like material containing charged ions.
    • The device is one of many innovative alternative energy solutions that could help us curb our dependence on fossil fuels and their negative environmental impact.


Yes, now you can charge your smartphone with a swipe of your finger, all this possible, thanks to a new low-cost film like device that can generate energy from human motion. This device is known as nanogenerator and scientists successfully operated an LCD touch screen, a bank of 20 LED lights and a flexible keyboard, all with a simple touching or pressing motion and without the aid of a battery.

“We’re on the path towards wearable devices powered by human motion,” said Nelson Sepulveda, associate professor at Michigan State University in the US. Soon we don’t need to worry about the charging of our smartphone for an entire week, for example, because that energy will be produced by our body movements and transferred into our gadgets.

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This innovative process starts with a single silicon wafer, which then fabricated with several layers, or thin sheets and polypropylene ferroelectret. And then ions are added to the each layer in the device contains charged particles. Then finally, electrical energy is created when the device is compressed by human motion or by mechanical energy.

This complete device is called a biocompatible Ferroelectret Nanogenerator, or FENG. The size of this device is as a sheet of paper and can be used in many sizes. The device is used to power the LED lights of palm-sized, for example, while the device used to power the touchscreen was as a small as a finger.

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Advantages of this device are many such as it is lightweight, flexible, biocompatible, scalable, low-cost and robust could make FENG “a promising and alternative method in the field of mechanical energy harvesting” for many autonomous electronics such as wireless headsets, cell phones, and other touch-screen devices, according to the study.

COMET : World’s First Floating Smartphone.

And another plus point of this device is it becomes more powerful when folded. Each time you fold it you are increasing exponentially the amount of voltage you are creating. “Sepulveda said. ‘You can start with a large device, but when you fold it once, and again, and again, it’s now much smaller and has more energy,” he said. “Now it may be small enough to put in a specially made heel of your shoe so it creates power each time your heel strikes the ground,” he said. Researchers are developing technology that would transmit the power generated from the heel strike to, say, a wireless headset. The study was published in the journal Nano Energy.

The new technologies are quite ingenious, too. Technology company Pavegen designed floor tiles that generate energy from people’s weight as they walk. A new photocell design efficiently harvests solar power by mimicking how plants’ leaves do it. There’s also the beta.ray by German Architect Andre Broessel and Makani’s Energy Kite.

With FENG now allowing us to generate power with the swipe of a finger, alternative energy has never felt so tangible.

Floor tiles that generate energy as people walk. Pavegen.














HTC, What does HTC stands for?

HTC is a Taiwanese Company which manufactures cellular handset devices and other telecommunication equipment. This company is founded in 1997 by Peter Chou ( Vice Chairman ) and  Cher Wang ( Chairwoman )  and till now it has acquired a big global recognition as a standard smartphone mobile manufacturing company. It is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan.


At the initial time they manufacture only Windows Mobile and became a co-founding member of the Open Handset Alliance. But lately they start working with ANDROID platform.  HTC expanded into virtual reality hardware with the release of HTC Vive. HTC is belonged to VIA group.

But very few of us are familiar with what the HTC stands for, it was HIGH TECH COMPUTER CORPORATION. This name is derived from the work of the company because at starting this company only manufactures computers but at later they shorten the name to make it a brand.


List of Products that the company manufactures :-

  • Personal digital assistant (PDAs)
  • Smartphones
  • Android phones
  • Windows Phones
  • HTC phones have attained substantial growth due to its great user interface and sleek design.



Piaggio Vespa 946 Emporio Armani Launched in India on their 70th anniversary

Piaggio Vespa 946 Emporio Armani, 70th Anniversary Edition Launched

vespa-collageWorld illustrious Italian bike maker, PIAGGIOhas launched the Piaggio Vespa 946 Emporio Armani and the Vespa 70th Anniversary Edition in the Indian two wheeler market, while the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani has priced at INR 12.05 lakh, the Vespa 70th Anniversary Edition is priced at INR 96,500 (ex-showroom Pune). The VESPA 946 is the most exclusive product from the Italian bike manufacturer in INDIA and they produce this model in very limited edition.

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On the other hand, the Vespa 70th Anniversary Edition has been introduced to celebrate the 70 years since the Vespa was first introduced in 1946.


The design of  The Piaggio Vespa 946 Emporio Armani is inspired from the first ever Vespa Scooter. And the 946 number is derived from its name of the year 1946 when it was introduced and the remaining part Emporio Armani amalgamation from the historical partnership of Piaggio Group and Armani Group to create a scooter which has both Style and Technology.  The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani comes with an iconic design that is highlighted with matte gray paint scheme along with ‘tan’ hues all around. The Vespa 946 comes with single plush leather upholstered seat while a pillion seat is available as an option. The scooter also gets leather upholstered handlebar grips that add to the premium quotient.

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Specifications : 

It has a 125cc 4-stroke 3V engine that is capable of producing 11.4 BHP of maximum power along with 10 Nm of peak torque. And its engine comes with an automatic transmission while Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and ASR traction control system is a standard safety feature on the scooter. The Vespa 946 comes equipped with disc brakes at both the ends while the scooter has a top speed of 93 Kmph.


Regarding layout and styling, the Piaggio Vespa 946 Emporio Armani version normally takes inspiration from the 1946 Vespa scooters, coupled with probably the most Innovative technological innovation during the scooter segment. The scooter is underpinned by a metal plate monocoque frame with aluminium areas including the rims, handlebar, facet panels, and entrance mudguard which have been accentuated by neo-retro character lines as well as matte black color.

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The steel components to be developed working with galvanic treatment options and also have a satin finish, and make an opaque outcome in keeping with the ending touches of the human body. The scooter also comes along with the words ‘Emporio Armani’ to the side, while the long-lasting eagle emblem of your model sits previously mentioned the headlight. The aspect line includes brown leather finishes such as the floating seat and grips, complete LED headlamp, tail light and indicators, and an LCD instrument cluster between Other folks.

Features : 

It comes with an exclusive price tag, and because of this, it becomes the second most expensive scooter in the country after the Aprilia SRV 850 ABS and the most expensive Vespa in India. Moreover, the scooter comes to India taking the CBU (completely built unit) route on a made to order basis. Not only is the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani edition the epitome of styling and luxury, it also peaks on snob value by a hefty margin. Piaggio shared that the Vespa 946 has already received two orders from India.


How to Activate or Enable Siri.

How to activate SIRI complete guide.

Siri is APPLE‘s personal Assistant, and it can do all the task which you want to do with you iPhone by simple voice commands. You can surf online, send and receive messages, plan your route, and much more. In order to use Siri, you must have a compatible device, and it needs to be enabled.

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It’s Requirements: 

  • iPhone 4s or later.
  • An Internet connection (wireless or 3G upwards is best).

Setting up Siri:

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First, enable Siri on your iPhone before you go for further.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Siri – slide the little button to ‘On’ if it isn’t already.
  2. Check the settings below are correct. Choose your language, your voice feedback preferences, and your contact book profile (so that Siri knows who you are and can begin creating ‘relationships’ such as ‘wife’ or ‘brother’ with other contacts in your address book).
  3. Allow ‘Hey Siri’ if you wish to activate Siri without pressing the Home button.
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If you are the first user of iPhone and want to setup Siri.

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  1. Press and hold the iPhone’s physical “Home” button to open Siri.
  2. You will hear quick beeps telling you that Siri is started and ready to work.
  3. When Siri is started, you can ask anything, to perform any type of task. Siri will automatically detect when you have stopped speaking, but you can optionally press the microphone icon to show you have finished speaking.
  4. If you requested Siri to do something such as send an email or text, Siri will show you a draft of the proposed message before it is sent.  To send the message,  say “send” or touch the “send” button.